Jesus Here Beside

Jesus there’s so many hurting,
and you know that I one.
There’s too many wars I’m fighting,
and all have gained me none.

Jesus, You gave everything
at the moment when You died.
And death had lost its meaning
on the day You raised to life.

Lord, it’s just so hard to hang on
through all these painful times.
Oh blessed Jesus You are with me
to give me hope, truth, and light.

Lord I know that you are with me.
Jesus You are here beside me.
Lord I know You are residing
In this (new) heart of mine.

With A Heart That Is Beating

By Ethan Gross

Im kneeling here

with my heart open wide

and I know You see me.

All of this time,

saving my tears before they soak in the ground.

You Lord, were also weeping.

For so long I’ve been blind

to the path you’re leading.

Wandering around like a fool on the ground,

my feet are bleeding.

Wanting so much a love this world cannot give

(it’s what I’ve been seeking).

Jesus, I give myself

to You to make me new

(with a heart that is beating).